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Some of these sites are not in English. When you go to the site there may be a translation option. If not copy and paste the site address into Google Search and press enter. You'll see something like this.... this page
Apr 4, 2013 - мастер-класс Ирмы: как сделать крылья Основа -тканевый клеевой флизилин и леска
Press "Translate this page" and it will take you to the translation. Some words won't translate as they are local dialects but in most cases you can see the pictures and get an idea.

Arley Berryhill - Tutorial 1 - Evil Queen 

Arley Berryhill - Tutorial .2 - Evil Queen    

Steampunk Hat 

Steampunk Couture 

How to draw eyes

Hands and Feet 

Paper clay character doll

Angel Wings

Ball joints in a cloth doll

Sharon Mitchell's Face Sculpting Tutorial Part 1

Sharon Mitchell's Face Sculpting Tutorial Part 2 

Painting Eyes

Needle Sculpting Tutorial 

Cute Elf tutorial

Fairy Wings from tissue paper

Fairy Wings Tutorial using transparency sheets

Fairy Wing transparency/acetate tutorial

Fairy Wings by Dollmakers Muse

Fins and Scales

How to turn tiny fingers

Embroidering a doll face

How to create a simple art doll

Doll House Miniatures Tutorials

Cloth Doll Joints

Cute felt running shoes

Top Hat....great for Steampunk

Painting eyes using acrylics

Doll Designs (lots of links for sculpture etc)

Beaded Fringe Tutorial

Tibetan Lamb Skin Wig Tutorial 

Lots of tutorials for dollmaking

6 steps to drawing a face

Things of Cloth

"Glass" eyes for your dolls by Misty Moon Creations - Fimo method

"Glass" eyes  Part 2 - revisited - resin method

Pinterest board with lots of tutorial links

Making and inserting eyes in a cloth doll.

How to make Noah's Doll - ball jointed doll

Prim Doll Hair Tutorial

Hannie Sarris Sculpting Tutorials

Photo Light Box 

Fairy Wings 

Tiny Fingers

Hickory Nut Doll 

Paper Mache Tea Cup

Mermaid doll by Nuno