Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Queen Beetrix.....

I didn't finish a doll in time for the Queen challenge at the Jan Horrox Facebook group. I had good intentions but it just didn't happen. However I did finish a queen doll....her name is Beetrix.

I originally gave her long yellow hair but it didn't really appeal to me. Maybe too much yellow? 

I also changed her outfit a few times ending up with a bubble skirt which I personally think was inspired...even if I do say so myself. It's made of alternate strips of cotton quilt fabric that I sewed together. To get them all the same size I tore the fabric in strips rather than cutting. Much easier. I added a bit of stuffing at the hem as an afterthought. It added a bit of floofing to make her more bee  like:)

Floofing is a word....who knew. I thought I just made it up and when spell chcek didn't react I Googled. "Verb. floof (third-person singular simple present floofs, present participle floofing, simple past and past participle floofed)"

I made her hair from a mini boa. I glued it on with a glue gun which trust me is not a good idea.

I put a loop on her back so she can hang on the wall....hovering just like a bee:)

Take care:)


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