Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Claudette Class with Marla Neiderer

The last online class I took was October so I decided to take one at A For Artistry called Claudette.

I am so impressed with Marla's lessons. She has put so much detail into each one. There are lots of colour photos for each step especially for the needle sculpting.

I took a class with Marla some time ago so I'm familiar with her style but this doll is a bit different. It is ball jointed at the elbows and wrists which is quite neat. She also offers two methods for making the face. The first is the regular type of needle sculpting and the second will have an over skin. It's something I've done before but I'm interested to see how Marla does it:)

Source: AforArtistic

Face with the over skin applied.

Another interesting thing about this class is that there is a live chat room. Our first chat is tonight.

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