Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dollmaker's Journey Facebook Challenge....or how Mary Ann does dumb stuff :)

Dollmaker's Journey has a Facebook page now.......

Since I seem to be on Facebook a lot keeping up with the antics of my family I "liked" their page so I could see what new products they have and such.

In January they started A Work Along Event. Everyone who is interested can participate. The same pattern is used by all the participants to make a doll. Of course DMJ is hoping that you will purchase the pattern from them :) Why not?'s a great business idea.

I had won a $10 coupon from them so I thought what the heck and purchased the pattern.....Santos Doll "All Will Be Well" by Sharon Mithchell.


It's been quite interesting seeing the results. Not one of the dolls produced looks like the picture. Some really amazing work.

If anyone has any issues or difficulties Sharon Mitchell gives advice. DMJ have even added pictures of how to do the various steps. It's been very helpful.

This particular event started January 1st and runs until April 1st. The next one is going to be Flirty Flora by Stephanie Novatski. I might join in as I already have the CD directions.


I understand that they have also made it into a downloadable PDF pattern which is a much better idea. Instant gratification for us doll makers....LOL

By the way I don't get any remuneration from Dollmaker's Journey :)
Typical of me I have just started the Santos doll this week. I thought it was due February 28th so of course I went into panic mode which is my usual mode when I do challenges.

I made the body and arms. I wasn't sure what size of seam allowance to use for the body. I measured what showed on the pattern pieces and it was about 1/8th of an inch.

WRONG! I checked today out of curiosity and it does say on page three to use "Just over .5cm ( ¼ inch) seam allowance". Arrrgghhh. I am totally useless at reading directions.

So of course I had my first issue......I had started stuffing the body and I was looking at it and at the tube and is this supposed to fit into that tube?

Never mind I say to myself and blissfully carry on.

Here is the body stuffed into a Mason jar beside the tube for comparison.

At this point I go to DMJ's Facebook page and ask what am I doing wrong. I can see that my doll is much larger than the others produced. I mention that I used the seam allowance on the pattern piece but no one clues in....not even me at that point.....LOL

So faced with this body I looked for a solution.

I had kept the inner tube from some Christmas wrapping paper as it was the same diameter as the one in the paper towel roll. Good thing I did. I measured the paper towel roll and it was 11 inches. I cut two lengths from my longer roll and then cut up one side on each. Now I had two halves. Trying to join them into one roll was a challenge so I looked for something round that was the diameter that I wanted to end up with. I wrapped my pieces around it and kept them together with a rubber band.

Are you still with me?

I taped them together and then I covered the result with newsprint paper mache. This is my result....

I didn't like the fit at the top as it gaped so I tapered the tube to fit the hips. It doesnt look very pretty but it will be covered so who cares:)

As I write this no one in the Facebook group has realized what my mistake was...ha ha. Should I tell them?


Next up the costuming.

Take care:) 


Dolores said...

Ha ha, even reading all the directions once doesn't always help. Sometimes you have to read them a couple of times. Wanna know how I know?

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Romona said...

I learned ages ago, read read But look how well you did at "making it work". Now you have to be careful with the costuming to compensate for the larger body..... and the head has to be bigger to fit that now buxom body.... Oh dear, now you're going to panic for

BumbleVee said...

yeh... don't forget to continue using the same measurements for seam allowance or nothing else will fit ... and, so what if she is a bit buxom.... that'll be your difference in things.... she could be quite a cutie....

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

All I can say is thank goodness I'm not on Facebook, I'd be broke! Personally I much prefer your version Mary Ann, she's going to be splendid! And I'm with you, I never read the full instructions either, life is much more interesting that way isn't it?!!

The Stitch Fiddler said...

This was such a fun post to read. It's amazing what 1/8 inch can do to a pattern. She's a very voluptuous doll and I just know she's going to look great. I admire you for entering all these challenges.

Rhissanna said...

Instructions are for wimps! Go with the flow! She looks pretty amazing to me, and very generously built. ;) I will be back to see more.

sassypackrat said...

I'm always amazed at the wonderful pieces you make and how brave you are to try these. Maybe one day I'll try too.