Friday, April 4, 2014

The Traveler - Anya & Baba - Week One

I've just started a fabulous new class today over at Dollstreet Dreamers called The Traveller by Angela Jarecki.

Dollstreet formerly used Yahoo as a classroom but now they are using something new. It's a teaching environment from and I have to say it's fabulous.

The first lesson had Angela speaking while detailed pictures were displayed as she went through each step of the lesson. So much friendlier to hear her personally explain how to go about making her doll.

There's a lot to do this week. The Traveler is a stump doll so that is the first step...the body. Then we have to make her underskirt and her over skirt.

I chose some fabrics for my doll. Some fat quarters and some bits and pieces from my scrap box just in case I can use them too.

Then I had this "what a minute" moment. Deja -vu !!!!

Unbelievable.....I've picked out the same fabrics that I used for Angela's other doll Abundance. I apparently really like these fabrics....LOL

Ah well :) So I went looking again and picked out some pinky. purpley, rusty fabrics. Angela uses a lot of different prints in the sample doll so there is lots of leeway in the choice you use.

Here the second selection taken in artificial light....

And, in partial daylight....very dull daylight as it's raining.

What a difference but I would say the second picture is more true to life. I don't know if I have enough of a selection in this range of colours that fit together....some  shopping may need to be done....sshhh:)

First things first though.......I need to prep the pattern pieces and make the body before I even think about the skirts.

Take care :)


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Very cute doll, have fun Mary Ann! (And I recognize some of those fabrics from Sew Sisters LOL!) Deb

Jan Conwell said...

They're all beautiful fabrics--and even if you HAD stayed with the other, this doll would have looked different because of the lines of her. Can't wait to see your doll finished!

Jo Ferguson said...

The doll is lovely and your fabric choices are wonderful. (I will certainly keep your secret if you need to buy more). Thanks for the link to Dollstreet. I'm looking forward to seeing the development of this doll.

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Hi Mary Ann, I see you've got a great start buy choosing your fabric. Funny how we're drawn to certain colors and both choices are beautiful. I read through the lesson and downloaded the pattern, but that's it. I hope to start soon. Have fun sewing the body!

elle said...

The doll pattern is darling. The wee one is way too cute!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

She's going to be an awesome doll! Enjoy the class and the purply/pinky fabrics will look super.

Abi said...

How funny that you chose the same colour pallette twice!
Its also funny how fabric can change colour, just by the lighting!
Look forward to seeing the finished doll!