Monday, March 11, 2013

Lillian continued.....

I've started her at last.

The pattern requires that the body be made with muslin which is an unbleached cotton that comes in various weights. I'm using a medium weight that is normally used in dressmaking to test the fit of a pattern.

As the body pattern is in the template format I have decided to use the freezer paper method. I would anyway for the feet simply because they are part of the shoe/boot and an exact and perfect shape is essential.
The outside "selvage" torn off reveals the shape.
I'm trying not to buy any new supplies this year as I have quite enough already:) Rather than buy the craft boa furry trim for aroung the coat neck and cuffs I thought I might try to recycle an old fur scarf I have. It's quite ancient and it's looking a bit ratty but I'll see if I can salvage enough to use:) I must have had something in mind when I bought it about 20 years ago but obviously I didn't use it then so maybe it'll work for this project.
The red fabric peeking from underneath is a piece of red satin for her dress and a very lovely piece of red knit fabric for her coat. I tried taking a picture of the red fabrics but today is too dull for picture taking.

The fur reminds me a certain furry pain in the neck.......

Deva the Mad Cat.
I've been asked a couple of times via comments as to what I use to turn the small body parts.

I have two sets of turning tubes and rods........totally invaluable and worth buying if you are serious about making dolls......

I bought both sets at Dollmakers Journey.

$8.95 US

$10.00 US
I'm now going to stuff the body and put it together....stay tuned:)


Bucks County Designs said...

Looking forward to seeing Lillian!

Catherine said...

LOL! I just love when cats do the 'airplane' ears! Haha ~ such a look! And Lillian did indeed startle me when I first came onto your blog this morning. Haha!
I look forward to seeing the end result!
xo Catherine

Rhissanna said...

Heck! I don't have any turning tools! Mind you, separate fingers give me panic attacks so that might be why! This looks like a wonderful project. I love Cindee's dolls and follow her new stuff on facebook. I can't wait to what you do!