Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Prezzie For Me:)

Way back in talked about the new DVD released by Patti Medaris Culea called Cloth Doll Making and about how wonderful it was.


I bought myself a Birthday/Christmas gift....something special just for me:) Her second DVD called Cloth Doll Inspirations.

Dollmakers Journey
In her first video Patti showed how to use water colour pencils and Shiva paints to colour her doll faces. In the new video she uses Caran d'Ache water colour crayons. I have never seen anyone use them before on cloth dolls so this was a first for me.

When she started by first dampening the doll face I was a bit skeptical but now I want to try it myself. It gives such a different quality and look.....lovely.

She also shows how to use Coptic style marker pens to create a doll face. It gave the face a very beautiful soft quality but I would say that it would be a technique that needs a bit of practice first.

She also shows how she uses wooden beads for doll joints. I've seen them on various dolls but seeing how she embellishes them was really interesting and something I'll try as well. 

There are lots of tips and little goodies......purses, hats and shoes....very sweet....organza faerie wings......(I need one of those mini soldering irons).......ribbon roses, crystal flowers....lots of ideas using beads and embroidery.

Embellishing is not one of my strong points when making dolls but I have to say that after watching her video I'm inspired to try using all these techniques and start making some new dolls.

Here is a video trailer I found over at YouTube....just a little peek.

I don't get any remuneration from mentioning Patti's video....I'm just a big fan of her work and I have to say that I totally enjoyed both DVD sets.

Take care.


Hindustanka said...

I'm glad you are happy about the DVD. I do love dolls, but never tried to make one myself. may be later in life:)
wishing you successful implementation of wood beads joints, I'd love to see the result.

elle said...

I did make a doll from one of her books I have and it was easy and fun.

Rhissanna said...

Thank you for sharing this. The doll I'm working on now as a watercolour pencil face, Hubby got me some for Christmas. They're not Caran D'ache, which I love but rarely see for sale over here. They're Crayola, but Crayola always seem to have nice bright pigments and they worked well enough.

As for wetting the face first? Wow. I had a nasty accident with one of Marie's eyes, where a drop of water ran down the pencil and smudged blue all over her cheek. It came off, with a lot of Q tips and panic!

So I'd be interested to see how that could be used in a positive way as the blue blended in beautifully to the cloth, while I was tring to scrub it out. If I was brave enough, I'd have tried that with pink for the cheeks, before I added anything else.

You always find the best stuff! Enjoy your present!