Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday....

Well I haven't done much doll making lately as I think I was at a loss as what to do with myself after doing two doll classes in a row....LOL

I just finished watching the Patti Medaris Culea video called "Cloth Doll Making".

She is such a sweet lady and a great teacher. The video is the perfect companion to any of her books...I have a few:) It's just like taking a live class with her as she goes through all of her major techniques. I find that I learn more sometimes just by watching a person live or on video demonstrating a process or method than by reading about it in a book.

So of course now I want to try out one of Patti's doll patterns. There is a pattern that comes with the video but I've decided to make one of her intermediate patterns called "Tania" from "Creative Cloth Doll Faces." That's her on the on the cover of Patti's latest book.
Not too many parts to mess up:) I'm not sure I'll dress her the same though as I refuse to go out and buy new fabric...I have lots already....I'll see:)

Take care.

p.s. I don't get any remuneration from mentioning Patti's books or video....I'm just a fan of her work:)


elle said...

I actually made a doll from one of Patti's books. She turned out swell.

Dolores said...

I never knew there were videos out there. I should get one.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That doll is completely beautiful - I bet you put your own special touch on it though, Mary Ann! I can't wait to see how you progress :)
The steampunk box is brilliant, Morti did a really good job!!
Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

Catherine said...

There just never seems to be enough time for crafting!
Cute dolls!

Mrs A. said...

Goodness. The headdress is giving me the vapours just to look at it!!. Am sure you will make a brilliant doll. Can't wait to see your interpretation. What do you do with all your dolls? I have run out of people to give mine to so only make one now when asked to. Hugs Mrs A.

Lisa Nelson's Art said...

Looking forward to seeing your version - I'm sure she'll be stunning!