Saturday, June 23, 2012

Water Lily with Colleen Babcock - Week 2

Well I'm already behind in my homework......sounds so familiar. I'm such a procrastinator. Always have been and always will be:(

Week 1 was sewing the head and the soft sculpture of the face.

Colleen recommends using batik fabric for making this doll. Of course I didn't have any in a colour that was suitable but I did have some pre-washed flesh coloured 100% cotton, Springmaid Southern Belle, 230 threads per square inch. I think it may work out okay:)

I cut out a couple of heads because I know I'm not going to get it right the first time and maybe not even the second time.....or the third. 

Here is my first effort in sewing the head pieces together and stuffing......not bad but I can do better.

Head one - first attempt.
I compared it to Colleen's picture...I hope she doesn't mind....just to show you. Getting those chubby cheeks shaped was difficult and the chin but I remembered what Colleen said....lots of stuffing....LOTS.

Colleen has her own unique way of stuffing........I posted her video here.....go and take a look. Truly awesome:)

Just to show you the size of the head, I took a picture of it with an elf doll I am making for my sister-in-law's birthday......not too big.......just the right size for a little fairy.

The next step is to soft sculpt the face......I'll show you my efforts next time.

Week 2 is sewing the body and inserting the armature. I  thought my son had the correct armature wire but apparently it was used for something else so I need to go to my local art store and get some. As usual Colleen's instructions are very detailed with lots of pictures and lots of hints and helps. 

Looks easy..........yeah right:) 

Stayed tuned.



Dorien said...

It's true, you'll be amazed about the amount of stuffing needed to fill a cloth doll!! I also use a doll needle to fill the nose, mouth and chin. That works well for me too. Your first attempt of the head looks quite good actually!
Have fun creating your Water Lily!

Rhissanna said...

Oh! that's a cute nose! She's going to be lovely. And yes, jus t the right size.

I remember the stuffing video you found. Unorthadox but it works.

As for procrastination, embrace it. It's who we are.

Colleen Babcock said...

Mary Ann,
Your head turned out wonderfully. In fact, you can't see from this picture how perfectly you stuffed the head. In the online class albums you can really see that the head is a lovely shape with such smooth stuffing. As one of your other commenters said, my techniques may be unorthadox but they work. And you do them brilliantly!