Friday, June 15, 2012

Water Lily - Week 1

So I have the supply list now and I have mostly everything but I still think I NEED to do some is definitely a must. Just because.

One thing I don't have is a plastic fly as in fake insect flying thing. You're saying to yourself why does she need a plastic fly?'ll see:) I have been informed by number one son that I can get one at a dollar store....

The list suggests using Zig Millennium pens. I must see if I can get some to see what they are like.  I normally use Pigma Micron pens but I find that they dry out so fast if your not using them for a while. Specially the super fine ones. I think there is a way of restoring them. I'll have to Google that.

And, we get to use Jacquard's Dye-na-Flow and Lumiere. I bought a starter set of both on sale a while ago but I haven't used them as yet......exciting.

I didn't notice before but the little fairy...Water Lily...has cute little toes...and she is a lot bigger in size than I thought which is a good thing.  I was a bit worried that she would be very tiny and fiddly but she's not. She's just the right size:)

The first lesson is making the head and soft sculpting it ....20 pages of instructions. I'm fortunate in that I have already taken a class with Colleen involving the soft sculpture of a head so I'm halfway there but Lily's little face is a bit more involved.

I'll show you my efforts next time:)

Take care.


Judy said...

This sounds exciting. Looking forward to seeing how things progress as you learn along the way.

Meredith said...

I'm excited to see this come together! She's so cute...

Colleen Babcock said...

Hi Mary Ann,
I'm glad you are excited about this doll and get to try some new things. Yes, you can find plastic flies at the dollar store or failing that at a joke shop.
Enjoy the first lesson,