Thursday, June 14, 2012

Paper Clay....

Yesterday I stumbled upon a "how to make paper clay" post that I thought was very interesting. I've been thinking of an alternative to commercial paper clay which I think is way too Canada anyway. I just bought a 4oz. pack that was a lot of money for that small amount....specially since I'm a newbie at using it and I'm just experimenting.

Here is the blog post...."How To Make Paper Clay" at Dahlhart Lane:)

The blogger has based her recipe on one found on Ultimate Paper Mache which is a blog I found out about last week. I haven't explored that blog fully but it looks very interesting too and worth a look.


Colleen Babcock said...

Great link! Thanks for sharing.

Rhissanna said...

Thank you for the home made paperclay link. I wonder how light it dries? Best way to find out would be to make some, right?

And yes, Pigma Micron pens are wonderful but the really fine ones give out quickly. I'll have to have a look at these Zig Millennium pens. Thank you for being such a wonderful source of good things, Mary!

Good luck finding a plastic fly. They used to come in packs for practical jokes, so yes, a dollar store might be your best bet. Right next to the packs of cockroaches *twitch*