Monday, April 23, 2012

Dotee Dolls......

Judy over at Judy's Fabrications is making Dotee Dolls. I had heard the name before but I really didn't know what they were.

They are a type of doll named after their creator Dorothy (Dot) Christian

Here is one of her dolls....

Stitchin' Fingers

Basically it is a simple flat art doll about 4 inches to 6 inches in size that has no arms, has a loop at the top for hanging and a decorative tail at the bottom usually made of beads. They are embellished...a lot:) They can be very simple or very complex.

Lots of people make them and they are traded just like ATC's but I have seen some on Etsy for sale as well. Here is a link to a Flickr group that has lots of examples.

Here is a video I found showing some more examples......

Here's a Scottish Dotee that has legs of a sort......
Here's one over at Lemon Tree Tales made by Linda Misa for a Doll Street Dreamers swap......

Here's a few more.......

Source: Vintageveronica1 on Flickr

Source: Vintageveronica1 on Flickr
So there you have it......Dotee Dolls.......very simple and easy to make:)....and, I think they could be addictive too:)

Dorothy's video on how to make the Dotee Doll is no longer available and she also closed down her  blog but I did find this one....

Take care:)

ADDED: I found her new blog if your interested.....

And, one I made to exchange....

And, a flat one without stuffing.....a Dotee style ATC sorta.....cheaper for me to post from Canada too (it's outrageous what we get charged!)

and...a goddess style for a bit of a change...


  1. oye, I need to quit visiting you. You are seriously adding to my blog roll, my to-do list and my addictions! Very cute these Dotee Dolls!

  2. I love dotee dolls. They are fun and great for using up scraps! Thank you for the eye-candy.

  3. Glad you've had fun with these too Mary Ann!! Love the video and other links, I'm off to explore them!

  4. Oh my! These dolls are totally adorable! Wow, so much fun to look at and I am sure fun to create as well.

  5. How lovely to find your blog through your friend Judy and to see my name mentioned:). Am so pleased that people continue to make Dotee dolls and have fun with them. I don't make them anymore as I have moved onto larger textile pieces but made many over the years. And I like the idea of them spreading joy all over the world. Take good care. Dot xx

  6. What fab creations..and I love the fact that the Originator has just posted before me!! They are so detailed and jewel-like, just gorgeous :)
    Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

  7. I've always loved Dotee Dolls....and want to make some myself May Ann....... maybe we could do and trade one some day?

    isn't that neat that she commented on here..... a well known lady for sure..... her dolls have sure travelled .... to every corner of the world...

  8. I'm in a swap right now swapping Dotee's...such fun to make and easy. You can let your creativity run wild!!

  9. I really love the beaded doll! She'd make a great pendant in a necklace, says the obsessed jewelry maker. ;)

    Thanks for sharing this technique with us!

  10. Look how far back this is ...and, I did see them...even left a comment... hahahaha... thanks for pointing me to it again....

    love the pretty faces you gave them....


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