Thursday, January 26, 2012


Here is a very short video from Abby Glassenburg author of  The Artful Bird about her favourite tool for soft toy making.

She also has a great blog and if your interested in her process of soft toy making visit her at While She Naps.

I have just bought my first pair of hemostats recently and I had to ask my DH to open them for me...LOL

Crikey......I could not figure it out......nor apparently did I have the strength......:) Anyway, they are a great tool for doll making.......after you get them unlocked.


paperpest said...

Last year we had a group buy of hemostats at the Brooklyn Doll Club (NYC). I like them for stuffing but don't use them for turning items right side out. I'm too rough on cloth for that!

Jan Conwell said...

We used to use hemos as loom weights on our inkle loom--they work great! Then I discovered how great they were for toy/doll making. A friend of ours is a paramedic and had a ton of them to give us. I keep a pair in my "tools" jar on the end table!