Monday, December 19, 2011

The Crow has landed............:)

Here he is. I tried to use stuff that I had at hand rather than buying anything new to make him. I think he has a certain cheekiness...a little quirky grin perhaps.

I know the pattern is supposed to be for a crow but we have decided that he is a raven......

Source: Sean Tate

Source: Sean Tate

I ended up using watercolour paints for his beak...worked great.... and an animal safety eye instead of painting an eye. The pattern calls for further dry brushing with red, blue and purple paint but I just could imagine the mess I would make with that.... eeek. So I chose not to do it. I'm not very good at using paint on anything. I'm not bad at painting bedroom walls though:)

If anyone decides to make this pattern be warned. When you make the legs do not use the 22 gauge wire the pattern calls for or you will never get this guy to stand up. I ended up using two pieces of 20 gauge aluminum and one piece 14 gauge copper for each leg and he still falls over if you don't place him just so.  Just as an FYI...the lower the number of the gauge on the wire the thicker the wire.

Even after all my struggles he is still very bow legged and lopsided but I think it adds to his devil may care charm.

His hat, collar, leggings and wing guards are made from scraps of faux leather from an old purse of mine. The studs/rivets are tiny brads and some little metal handles that are used to wind watches. His goggles are made from another piece of faux leather cut into a ring shape and then glued to a plastic ring. Everything was painted and then I added doodads. The propeller on his aerial is a foam letter X from a precut alphabet I used last year to put names on Christmas stockings.

Anyways he's done and dusted.....on to the next challenge.

Added: I am putting a link for this post on Artists in Blogland for Show and Tell Saturday. Go visit and enjoy:)


Mrs A. said...

He is absolutely gorgeous. I just love his goggles and flying hat. A true master piece. Well done. Hugs Mrs A.

Mary Ann said...

Thank you Mrs. A.for your lovely comments:)

Ellie said...

Mary Ann he is adorable! I watched your posts while you were making him and he turned out so gosh-darn-cute!

Mary Ann said...

Thank you very much for your lovely comments Ellie:)

BlackPumpkin said...

He is wonderful!! Love ravens, crows etc... :)
Happy Holidays!

Saturday Sequins said...

I think I've just fallen in love with your raven. He's adorable!

I make jewelry out of wire, and it doesn't surprise me that 22 gauge by itself wasn't sturdy enough! I'm glad you found a better solution.

-- Sarah, visiting from Artists in Blogland.

Mary Ann said...

Hi Black Pumpkin and Sarah:) Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments.


What personality! You did an amazing job!

Dianne Ayers said...

I know this is a very late entry comment for your Raven, but after I saw your Facebook prompt photograph on your blog I had to sourced the pattern! It has just landed in my postbox and I am gathering up supplies and found your comments on the items you repurposed and adapted very useful. In particular, thanks so much for the heads up re the leg wires...I am now forewarned...BTW, your bird is just wonderful!