Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trying new techniques......

This is the first time I have used Deersuede fabric to make a doll and I really really like it. The only problem was putting on features. I ended up using animals eyes that I recoloured and wax crayon for the lips. I couldn't get any depth of colour because of the surface of the fabric. I guess it would lend itself better to acrylic paints or embroidery.  I used the "furry" side rather than the reverse (wrong) side because I didn't like the shine.

It definitely is easier to stuff and get a form but you need to really pack in the stuffing to make it firm enough. I did make legs for this doll but I'm not going to use them as they will not support her. I should have used an armature. Instead I'm going to make her a stump doll as I don't have enough fabric left to make better legs.  It was a learning experience:)

I'm going to give her some elfin ears and a different hairdo........we'll see:)

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