I started this blog as a repository of doll related blogs/sites, YouTube videos and other stuff that may be helpful to other doll makers and me too:)

I'm new to doll making as such but I have been making and producing hand made crafts all my life. In dollmaking I have found a new avenue for my need to be actively creative.

Monday, April 14, 2014

WIP - The Traveler - Anya and Baba

Week one covered making the doll body and the under and over skirts.

I decided to use the brown fabrics after all. I went looking for more pinky/purples but I didn't see anything that suited. My husband came along as he was driving. I don't drive and have no inclination to do so....long story. He patiently followed me through two huge fabric stores. I actually came out almost empty handed. I bought 1/2 meter of lining fabric.

I'm really trying to stick to using what is in my fabric stash:)
This is just a part of it.

Angela suggests using an upholstery fabric for the torso. I had a piece of denim type fabric that I bought years ago as a huge remnant for a couple of dollars. It's a perfectly good piece of fabric and I didn't see anything wrong with it when I bought it. Maybe the colour wasn't selling. Who knows?

I wasn't sure if it would work because it's very heavy. Turning it right side out was a struggle. I think it was a perfect choice.

Anya is quite a tall doll with a very graceful sillouette. She will be about 22 inches when she is finished.

Angela added some embroidery stitching to the skirt edge. My next step.

Looking much better...it's starting to hang in nice folds now.

The lesson this week is pretty intense. We have to do the first stage of the head, make the arms and dress the torso. Lots to do so I better get busy:)

Take care.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Traveler - Anya & Baba - Week One

I've just started a fabulous new class today over at Dollstreet Dreamers called The Traveller by Angela Jarecki.

Dollstreet formerly used Yahoo as a classroom but now they are using something new. It's a teaching environment from faculte.com and I have to say it's fabulous.

The first lesson had Angela speaking while detailed pictures were displayed as she went through each step of the lesson. So much friendlier to hear her personally explain how to go about making her doll.

There's a lot to do this week. The Traveler is a stump doll so that is the first step...the body. Then we have to make her underskirt and her over skirt.

I chose some fabrics for my doll. Some fat quarters and some bits and pieces from my scrap box just in case I can use them too.

Then I had this "what a minute" moment. Deja -vu !!!!

Unbelievable.....I've picked out the same fabrics that I used for Angela's other doll Abundance. I apparently really like these fabrics....LOL

Ah well :) So I went looking again and picked out some pinky. purpley, rusty fabrics. Angela uses a lot of different prints in the sample doll so there is lots of leeway in the choice you use.

Here the second selection taken in artificial light....

And, in partial daylight....very dull daylight as it's raining.

What a difference but I would say the second picture is more true to life. I don't know if I have enough of a selection in this range of colours that fit together....some  shopping may need to be done....sshhh:)

First things first though.......I need to prep the pattern pieces and make the body before I even think about the skirts.

Take care :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Second Quarter Challenges....

The online cloth doll group I belong to...Cloth Doll Artistry... is having some very interesting challenges for the second quarter.

At the Cloth Doll Studio it's all about the weather.....

Source: Cloth Doll Artistry

At the Art Doll Studio it's all about fairy tales and colour......

Source: Cloth Doll Artistry

And, at the Prim Doll Studio it's all about Nursey Ryhmes....

Source: Cloth Doll Artistry
I'm definitely doing the first two but I'm not so sure about the third one. I'm not a prim or folk artist but I could do vintage I think.

Take care :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Back on track........:)

So what happened to the Paulina class I started way back in November you say? I think my doll making muse went on vacation...LOL

Source:  Dollstreet Dreamers website

My other excuse is that it was a six week class done in three weeks for some unknown reason....too much at one time and too close to Christmas. Also, I truly had some misgivings about whether I wanted to invest time in making this doll. I fell out of love with her :(

I did sew the torso....in November. As you can see she has the classic wasp waist look of the era.

Today I put in the armature and stuffed the body. I'm now half way through lesson two. Next is the arms and legs.

I'm not sure if I going to dress her exactly as she is in the picture. I think I may have to do my own thing.

I'll be back.

Take care:)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Needle Sculpting Tutorial by Marla Lee Niederer....

Marla Niederer's needle sculpting technique produces beautiful faces. She has a tutorial on her blog that I thought I'd share with you.

Orsini's Angels....................http://orsinisangels.blogspot.ca/2011/10/free-simple-needle-sculpting-tutorial.html

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Starting A New Class......

This Friday I will be starting a new online class at Dollstreet Dreamers called "Paulina"  The teacher is Barbara Schoenoff.

I've made one of her mermaid patterns but this is the first time I've taken a class with her. I can't wait.

Source:  Dollstreet Dreamers website
This doll is all about costuming which is something I love. Her outfit is removable and there is promise of more outfits to come in the future :)

It's a six week course and I will be sharing my progress as I go along. I hope you come and take a peek at my work in progress.

Take care:)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hoffman Challenge Fabric 2014

The 2014 fabrics have been posted so if your interested go here......Hoffman Challenge

As in the past few years the large pattern will be a real challenge for dollmakers. To be honest I think the main fabric is a bit ugly.

Take care:)


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