Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cloth Doll Artistry News .....

With the New Year there have been some changes at the CDA Studio on Facebook.  Including a cute new banner.

In addition the CDA has a new Blog......Cloth Doll Artistry Studio. 

This year they will be having mini challenges with shorter time frames. I think I prefer that myself. Give me three months to do something and I'll probably forget the due date and it'll be done in the last week or not at all.

So far so good :)

I just finished the first mini project. I posted about what I made over on my other blog My Tate Gallery. You can see what I  

The second challenge has now been posted. The guidelines are pretty open for interpretation and I already have a great idea.  It should be interesting to see what the members create.

Take care:)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tutorial for Making Sandals

This tutorial is for a 16 inch fashion doll but it can be adapted for other types of dolls.

Source: Imma's Doll Collection Blog

To get the instructions 

Take care:)