I started this blog as a repository of doll related blogs/sites, YouTube videos and other stuff that may be helpful to other doll makers and me too:)

I'm new to doll making as such but I have been making and producing hand made crafts all my life. In dollmaking I have found a new avenue for my need to be actively creative.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Class

I've just enrolled in another Angela Jarecki online class.  She keeps on coming up with these fabulous ideas and I can't resist.

This new class is called "Madame Mori" and is on Dollstreet Dreamers......

Source: Dollstreet Dreamers
This doll can can hang on the wall or can be used as a puppet or a stand alone doll. I'm not sure what type of doll I will do yet. I usually make more than one head so maybe two dolls are in the works.

Take care:)

Friday, August 1, 2014

A Finish....

I finally finished one of the fairies from the online class I took with Paula McGee:)

This is a picture of Paula's fairy called Tansey Mae....

I didn't have the same kind of supplies that Paula McGee used but that's okay. I improvised and used what I had in my stash. I was positive I had some of those tiny bird nests but I couldn't find them. They'll turn up eventually.

I also didn't make the wings that she gave directions for as they involved a wood burning tool and an open flame but they are kinda interesting. To be honest I was a bit leery about using a flame to burn anything because I burnt my hand a couple of weeks ago...ouch:(  Maybe one day.

Here is a picture of her finished fairy that she made along with us.....a radically different wing style from the original version.  Kinda dark and mysterious :)

I designed my own wings instead and made them similiar to the ones in the original picture. I don't think Paula will mind.

I used some fabric that I had won in a giveaway in 2011 from Fabric Addictions.

The green on the left and the mauve beside it are both iridescent.

I'm not sure of it's composition but I wish I could find more. The colour changes depending on which way you hold it to the light...blue, green  or gold.....perfect fairy wing material.

So here she is.....she looks like an Irish fairy to me...maybe I should call her Shamrock.

She was very nervous about getting her picture taken.

I really enjoyed making her.

Take care:)

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I'm still making little fairies in class with Paula McGee.
 Sneak peek......

I'm also making an Elf/Pixie type doll. The print in the middle is her body fabric. I gathered some fabrics and trims that compliment the print to get some ideas. This will be the biggest doll I've made so far.....35 inches tall!!
Take care:)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

CDA Colour Challenge - Fairy Tale Character - Red Riding Hood

Cloth Doll Artistry Color Block Challenge

So the idea was that you pick a colour chart that was provided...there were 48 charts to choose from in the end. They were in actual fact paint charts mainly from Sherwin Williams. Then you were to pick a Fairy Tale character and create a doll using the colours from the chart you picked. Sounds easy but it really wasn't. Some of the charts were all values of one colour such as all pinks or blues or grays. Then it was deciding on a fairy tale...some of them are pretty grim...no pun intended. I do completely understand that many were morality tales but eeeek. Rather difficult to portray in shades of pink.

In the end I chose this one......

Why did I choose this colour block? Well. I went through all my stash and I had a few bits that matched pretty well to these colours and I had an idea.

The swatch 156/12/0 looked to be sort of a brick red or mordant red maybe. Not the traditional bright red you'd associate with Red Riding Hood but I could totally see it matched with the greens I had.

I did a bit of research about Red Riding Hood before I started. It seems that the earliest version of the story is in French called Le Petit Chaperon Rouge published in 1697 by Charles Perrault.

I think the version we are most familiar with though is that of the Grimm's Fairy Tale called Rotkäppchen or Little Red Cap that was published about 1812.


I wondered where the whole image of the red hooded cape came from so I looked up the word Chaperon.

Chaperon is a term that refers to a hat or a head covering. I Googled and really couldn't find a female version of one but here is an example of a later male style. In a book on fashion history that I have it shows women wearing something similiar but without the long tail. The tail was a later development and is called a Liripipe. It has it's own bizarre fashion history:)

Hmmm...I can sort of see how the whole hooded cape idea came about.

So here is my version of Le Petit Chaperon Rouge.

I didn't make the challenge deadline but that's okay:) For some reason everything that could go wrong went wrong with this doll. It was totally ridiculous. Anyway after much pain and suffering she's done....thank goodness!!

I hope you like her.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Needle sculpting with Sharon Mitchell.......

Sharon Mitchell is doing tutorials on needle sculpting fabric faces on her blog called "SFM Cloth Dolls With Attitude". She is already on part two and next week she will show us how to colour the face.

So if you want lessons from a needle sculpting master go on over to her blog and check it out


Take care:) 

There be fairies......

One thing I have never made is a fairy doll and considering how much I like fairies that's surprising. I've always been drawn to the world of miniatures and have a doll house and three store fronts...still not completed. Works in process. I've often toyed with making a fairy dwelling of some sort too. I've been saving bits and pieces over the years with just that in mind.

I even have Pinterest pages for fairies and fairy like dwellings....for future inspiration:) 

One of my favourite books is "Fairie-ality".  It's a beautiful book. Fabulous layout and photography. Real eye candy for lovers of Fae fashion:) Take a look in your local library and see if you can find a copy. You'll love it:)

So....when I saw that Paula McGee was having an online class through Dollstreet for an 8 inch poseable fairy called TansyMae there was no hesitation on my part.


I have tons of wee bits of fabric from crazy quilting.......:) That tie-dye velvet on top is a definite maybe if I can find some other trims to go with it.

Best of all.....because there's some hand sewing involved I can sit outside and enjoy the lovely weather. We have always called the bottom end of our garden "The Fae Woods" after a short story I wrote many years ago. It's very wild...trees and ferns and stuff. Definetly a place to sit and sew little fairies.

Take care:)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cloth Doll Artistry Weather Witch Challenge....DONE!!!

I finally finished my doll and posted her on the CDA site. Now I can show you what I made. I started out with an idea that drastically changed as I went along. I still did Steampunk and she is a witch....LOL

We were to use a pattern so I used Lilian by Cindee Moyer. We also had to make some changes so I gave her a bosom. The costuming ideas are entirely my own.

Just so you know what Lilian looks like here's a picture of my version of her that I made while taking a class with Cindee.

 So here is my witch.......I call her Raynee Weathermaker and she is a rain witch.

On her back she carries a Steampunk rain machine that she can wear while she is astride her broomstick.
 It has a nozzle that is flower shaped and is made of a vintage wooden button. Her blouse and skirt are edged with one half of an old black zipper.
 She has a metal "bustier" that supports the machine on her back. It also has a ring to hang her wand.

She has lots of wild crazy red hair that has a life of it's own.

I really enjoyed making her and I hope you like her :)


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